Between the Ears

Loud obnoxious babble runs through your mind.   What does it prompt you to believe?  Perhaps this voice persuades you, “Running messes up my knees.  I can’t run. I hate exercise.  I’m not giving up my sweet tooth.  I love to eat whatever I like.  I’m too old to change.” Is the voice telling you the truth? The body and mind reacts to what it tells you. It believes this information as gospel.   Everyone wants happiness, yet if you talk to yourself in a negative manner you reject any joy life has to offer. Those voices convince you that life is dull, grueling, and unsatisfying.  The chatter in your head never ends.  What do you hear between the ears?

The murmurs of confusion clouds judgement and decisions.  If you listen real close you have the power to combat the rumbles of negativity.   The power to untangle unfocused thoughts and self-imposed limits sit between the ears.  You control every fiber of your body and being with this device.  How do you not understand or know how to use this powerful tool?   You have an amazing ability to change your life.  The ability to live a healthy lifestyle, and the ability to overcome any and all challenges life throws at you.  Why don’t you use that powerful piece of construction between the ears?  Perhaps fear denies you accomplishment, or maybe laziness strikes.  The control tower of life is at the point between the ears.  Would you like to know the secret to this function?

It’s powerful and complicated, not one way fits for everyone or applies to every situation. But your ability to work and train hard helps you overcome the most impossible issues life throws at you and keeps you healthy and happy. You have to want it.  You have to want to do what it takes to quiet the voice that tells you what’s wrong or negative.  You want to draw out the voice that tells you what’s right.  Now what is this “thing” between the ears?  Of course! It’s the brain.  One of the most potent organs in the body.  The more exercise we give our brain the more it behaves like a muscle, growing when we use it getting soft when we don’t.  The brain controls all your functions, both on a conscious and unconscious level. The brain helps you make choices on the type of life you desire.  How can you begin to use and train the brain to live the life of aspiration?

One evening Jeri stopped dead in her tracks, a pounding heart, dizziness, nausea, and debilitating fear overwhelmed her.  Her head throbbed as her brain shouted, “You are going crazy.  You are going to die.  Run!”    If you’ve ever had a panic attack this experience is scary.  Panic attacks mimic real physical feelings, such as a heart attack.  The heart beats hard, pulse races, the mind whirls out of control, and you feel as if you want to crawl out of your skin.  This attack landed her in the emergency room.  The doctors took every test known to mankind, nothing was physically wrong with her.  “What do you mean nothing is wrong?  I’m telling you my heart’s beating out of my chest and I feel nauseous. That’s a heart attack!”  The doctor explained she had a panic attack and gave her prescription for Xanax (an anti-anxiety medication).  She refused the medication. The horror stories she heard of the highly addictive medication was far worse than a panic attack.  After a few hours in the emergency room she was discharged with orders to see a therapist. She was told her condition wasn’t physical, but psychological. A panic attack brain overloads the brain with stress and anxiety.   Panic attacks affect millions of people daily.  The problem, people don’t know how to cope when the attacks hit.  Most people are left incapacitated and have no idea how to fight back, and want a quick fix.

Jeri suffered with panic attacks for more than 10 years. She was determined to beat it. How did she do it?    Therapy helped her get in touch with how powerful her thoughts were.   She learned to ward off the panic before it started she repeated over and over in her mind, “I am safe. It’s just stress and I can let it go.”  She also learned meditation to help calm her mind down, through a series of breathing exercises.  Everyone has stress, you can’t stop it, but you can choose not to let it take over you mind, body, and spirit.   The more stress an individual is under the more anxiety hits, and eventually the anxiety spills over to panic attacks. The best way to combat panic attacks and stress is a consistent walking/running program along with a good nutritional plan.  This helps build strength and endurance in the mind and body to fight off the negatives of life.  A powerful exercise regimen and good nutrition promotes a strong mind, body, and spirit.

Jeri learned to train this powerful organ and build it into a strong muscle.  Jeri no longer suffers from panic attacks, even though anxiety is still a factor from time to time she knows how to slow that process down through exercise, nutrition, and meditation.  This process isn’t an overnight success, nor a magic bullet. But it works and it’s free and all natural!   If you work the process every day and become mindful of how your voice talks to you, you can beat the negative and live a healthy life.

Desire to make changes in life lie within you and starts with a decision.  Once you make the decision, make your life better there is no stopping you. You will feel empowered and energized.  I read a story of a woman who ran and completed the San Diego Rock-n-Roll marathon at the age of 90.  Two years later at 92 she returned and completed the San Diego Rock-n-Roll half marathon.  She made history in becoming the oldest person to complete a full marathon and half marathon.  That’s an amazing feat!  How did she do it?  She listened to the positive voice between her ears, she practiced and trained daily.

The chatter between the ears is what makes or breaks your success in life.  If you tell yourself you can’t run a marathon because of x, y, or z then the chances of it happening are slim to none.  If you tell yourself you can, get out the door to train every day, work on it one step, one mile at a time before you know it, you too will cross the finish line.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  You take it one step at a time. The most powerful muscle in the body is your brain, if you use it as positive fuel you can accomplish anything.