Snakes on the Run

What I love about running is every run and every day is different. Even when I run the same route I find something new and different.  Today, I arrived at our regular meeting location I opened up Facebook to see who was in for a run today and I received a couple of messages about a possible rain storm and lighting strikes.  When I walked the dogs before heading out I did see some lighting strikes and shrugged it off as heat lighting way in the distance. Nothing to worry about.  I was happy to see two out of our regular three members arrive in pure excited fashion and ready to run.  A quick look on the radar it showed the rain was north, with a bit of humidity in the air our run was still on.  

            The slow moving and sleepy eyes looked like we could use a few more hours of sleep. Once we got out of our cars and met at the corner we were ready to roll. I set my interval for the same 90 second run/ 30 second walk as we crossed the street I looked down to set my watch and it wanted to update to the newest Garmin version.  How convenient, right?  Most mornings I would have been upset by this as I am at times technologically challenged, I knew I could copy KJ’s data for my log.  The combination of Jell-O and cement legs the first quarter mile slowed my pace, without a proper warm up the legs were bound to feel heavy. 

I figured the pain was more than worth it to run with the group.  Tuesday and Friday’s are the highlight of my running week.    KJ and I ran a hard 3.41 miles yesterday after a day of rest on Sunday. Once the body woke legs warmed I moved at a more natural stride.

            Above I talked about how every run is different.  Some days are peaceful and not a lot happens and other days nature zaps us from our morning stupor.  Today our senses were heightened on our way back from the beach.  As we were dodging early morning motorist we stumbled upon something coiled on the edge of the road.  I did a little side step and my running mate behind me followed suite, as well as my running mate on the side as she jumped a foot.  What was that thing coiled up on the side of the road? I beamed my flashlight at it when I knew my distance far away from this object.  

            My heart skipped several beats then went back to normal when what I thought was a snake on the side of the road was only a rope.   Scared the daylights out of us.  Once we past the coiled rope we laughed at how this little thing in the road rattled us.  Once the excitement passed my run smoothed out and pace conversational.   We reached our normal destination said our good-byes and reminded each other to look for snakes on the run.  Snakes are the ultimate speed training.